恩格斯在《Anti-Duhring》中写道:“对人的博爱是荒谬的。” 在给朋友的一封信中,他又说:“我们需要的是恨而不是爱 — 至少现在是这样。”

Engels wrote in Anti-Duhring, “Universal love for men is an absurdity.” And in a letter to a friend he said, “We need hate rather than love – at least for now”

切·格瓦拉(Che Guevara,阿根廷共产主义革命领袖)很好地领会了马克思主义。在其作品中,他附和了恩格斯的情操:

“仇恨是斗争的要素 — 毫无怜悯的恨,能让一个革命者超越人类自然极限,让他变成一台高效、毁灭性、冷酷、老谋深算、冰冷的杀戮机器 — 要以这样的仇恨来对待敌人。”

Che Guevara learned his Marxist lessons well. In his writings he echoes Engels” sentiments:

Hate is an element of fight-pitiless hate against the foe, hate that lifts the revolutionist above the natural limitation of

man and makes him become an efficient, destructive, cool, calculating, and cold killing machine.

这正是魔鬼要对人类做的事。牠大获成功了,和牠一起的是众多声名狼藉的人类领袖。在我们有生之年,我们见证了太多不能承受之重:希特勒、艾希曼 (Eichmann,纳粹头子)、门格勒(Mengele,纳粹头子)、斯大林、毛泽东、安德罗波夫(Andropov,苏共总书记)、波尔布特(柬埔寨 共产党(红色高棉)总书记)……

This is what the Devil wishes to make of men. He has succeeded all too well with many notorious leaders of the human race. In our lifetime we have witnessed more than our share: Hitler, Eichmann, Mengele, Stalin, Mao, Andropov, Pol Pot…


“共产党人不屑于隐瞒自己的观点和意图。他们公开宣布:他们的目的只有用暴力推翻全部现存的社会制度才能达到…… ”

Marx writes in The Communist Manifesto:

The Communists despise making a secret of their opinions and intentions. They openly declare that their aims can be reached only through the violent overthrow of the whole existing social structure. – …There is only one method to shorten the murderous pains of death of the old society, the bloody birth pangs of the new society; only one method to simplify and concentrate them, that is revolutionary terrorism.


There have been many revolutions in history. Each had an objective. The American revolution, for example, was fought for national independence, the French revolution for democracy. Marx is the only one who formulates as his aim a “permanent revolution,” terrorism and bloodshed for revolution”s sake. There is no purpose to be attained; violence to the point of paroxysm is its only objective. This is what distinguishes Satanism from ordinary human sinfulness.

对于在沙俄犯了杀人罪被处决的恐怖分子,马克思称他们为 “不朽的烈士” 或 “惊人能干的伙伴”。

Marx called terrorists executed for murder in Czarist Russia “immortal martyrs” or “amazingly capable fellows.”

恩格斯也写到 “我们进行的美味的复仇”。他经常使用这种措辞:“(俄国)国内的进展多么壮丽啊!谋杀变成了家常便饭。” “让伦理道德问题靠边站吧…… 革命者为达目的,无论采取何种手段都是对的,包括暴力和表面的顺从。”

Engels wrote, too, of the “foody revenge we take.” This expression occurs often. “In the interior (of Russia), what a splendid development. The attempts at murder become frequent.” “Leaving aside the problem of morality … for a revolutionist any means are right which lead to the purpose, the violent, as the seemingly tame.”

当马克思主义者列宁在俄国,生活在 Kerensky 的民主制度下时,他说:


The Marxist Lenin, while living under the democratic rule of Kerensky in Russia, said,

What is needed is wild energy and again energy. I wonder, yea more, I am horrified that more than half a year has passed in speaking about bombs and not one single bomb has been fabricated.


A further insight into the fundamental attitudes of Communists can be gained from a few brief quotes.


Marx: “We make war against all prevailing ideas of religion, of the state, of country, of patriotism.”


The Communist Manifesto: “The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their aims can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all the existing social conditions. Let the ruling class tremble at a Communist revolution.”


Lenin: “We have to use any ruse, dodge, trick, cunning, unlawful method, concealment, and veiling of the truth.”

列宁在 1922 年的致辞中说:“首先我们要拿下欧洲,然后是亚洲各地。接着,我们要包围并逐渐破坏美国,它就会像一个成熟的果子一样,毫无反抗地落入我们手中。”

Lenin, in an address in 1922: “First we shall take Eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia. After that, we shall surround and undermine the U.S.A., which will fall into our hands without a struggle-like an overripe fruit.”


Khrushchev: “If anyone believes our smiles involve abandonment of the teachings of Marx, Engels and Lenin, he deceives himself. Those who wait for that must wait until a shrimp learns to whistle.”



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